Soon and very soon this quiet patch will come to an end

the waves of peace- reaches will cease to search for and console me.

No one will say “this too will pass” because it will have.

With a sunny disposition I have done the once impossible.

I have traveled through nine states in nine weeks, practicing Russian or listening to books.

Quality time with myself has become something necessary — no longer does the fear of rejection cross my way — I ache to be alone after while.

But when you come home


come on home

because in this whole wide world there is no one else that can give me as much peace and quiet quality space.

I have looked for your coming with wild wanton eyes — my eyes have looked for none but you.

When you come back home


Come on here back home

I will welcome you back to the land of peace.


May home to you be the new Dead Sea.

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49 Is a little rhymy

I’ll meet you at the top of the mountain’s spine

you climb your side up, I’ll climb mine

and when it feels like the road is too long, take a breath

because until I see you, I give you each heart beat

each thought that flickers

each fearful quake

Is yours until I can see you to make it mine again.

So you stay the course and I will stay mine

we’ll meet at the top of this ridge in due time.

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When you are drinking red wine out of a juice cup

and you are not a mom yet

when you write letters to the people you most care about

because they are out of contact.


These will be the nights that it will be most important to remember

that time is just a passing thing

and sometimes

even though life is short

even though it is even fleeting

you just sort of …

gotta get through  it, ya know?

When I close my eyes, I see baili hi and we are climbing the mountain to the waterfall.

But we aren’t. We are in North Carolina

and you are going through hell.

I am not. Going through hell that is.

I’m just

getting through it, ya know?


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I have been believing in you since the last time we spoke.

For some people, that last time was years ago.

For others, it was moments ago.

None the less, if we had a conversation filled with any sort of substance, know

I am rooting for you.

I have believed in you.

I will believe in you again.


are simply human


exist for only a set amount of seconds

brief though they may be

and yet you move forward, eyes lifted.


And what a phenomenal thing that is.

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When I meet with you

it is a gift.

A gift to myself and one to you.

For you to meet with me here, you have offered your time — something I can never give back.

Whether the time is well spent

is something only you could say

and I hope that you consider it is.

For me to meet with you here, I have offered my time — something you can never give back.

What I am telling you, as you sit across from me at this table

is that you are the most valuable thing I could be spending this (my most precious offering)


When I meet with you here,

it is because

you are more valuable than even these moments of my life which I willingly trade

in order to hear your thoughts and share your laughter or tears.

It isn’t my love that I give

it is my time

but truly

are they not one and the same?

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There will come a day

that you sit on your back porch

while eating a vanilla coconut macaroon


and you’ll think


“My, but isn’t life worth living?”

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45 scales

Big offers are on the table


they all look like blackberry pie


if my fingers go into all of them


no one else could share in the joy


how do you choose between blues and more blues


we’re speaking of sky and of sea?


I get the feeling of limitless opportunity


why of those chosen — me?


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