Dreamy Words

Last night I had a dream in which the whole world turned to sky
if was as if I were walking — but by walking, just fly

and I think we must have been dancing a waltz or walking down mountains, or pushing them over. I am not entirely sure.
but I know that I was crazy about you that moment, well it hasn’t stopped since then and I don’t think that it will

and oh child it is funny because I know when you love me, your whole baby heart is full to the brim
oh my what a story to be in your daily — and life goes too fast to ask of it when

twirling in worlds so unimaginable, so strange and so daring and I’m watching you be
I couldn’t be less that a ten times impressed, and when you say that you love me  I say that I’m free.

you’ll let me go one day when you grow too old and I know in that second I’ll draw my lips thin
but when bones grow too brittle and life become fickle, you just know that my heart is with yours to the end.

and if I am gone before you hear this lullaby — don’t think for a second it’s any less true
because days come and days go and people fade on, but when I start fading — I will fade into you.


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