When the bush started burning out of nowhere — the same kind of light that comes from the stars

(cold, pure, and)

intensely bright

— I was following a lamb. It was my job

to follow sheep when they ran

I was following a dumb herd beast

and then the bush errupted into crisp flames. I was totally unprepared.

When the bush started burning — I thought I’d lost my mind

and then the bush started speaking.

Now, the world is falling apart and all of Isreal stands at my back and we are stuck at this stupid ocean — I can hear egypts horns.

I know I’ve lost my mind — how could I think I’d be the one to save Isreal, those I once lorded over.

This was another misguided royal’s idea of heroism from self and now everyone is going to die because I thought I was that capable.


The bush was burning.



Take up your staff and cane

When the sea parted we all walked across on dry land — the kind of dust that kicks up behind sandals lifted up toward the sky between two giant walls of sea.

— I couldn’t even hear the trumpets of Egypt beside the roar of the people moving.

I was leading a mass of people through an ocean

I know I’d lost my mind when the sea opened up.

But the bush was burning, and the sea was open like pages.


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