Taking in strays 32

Growing up my family was in the business of taking in strays

you qualified if :

a family member no longer spoke to you

someone you loved recently died

friends were hard to come by

you were lacking in the family department

you were bored

Or you liked food and could handle a loud house.

But in these times — a stray friend knocking seems like a mooch at your door step, someone come to steal the peace.

However, I find that when I open my door wide anyway, they rarely seem that way for long.

Rather, they tend to make good company

As it stands, I am a stray now myself.



Maybe we were the strays the whole time.



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2 responses to “Taking in strays 32

  1. marmi2b

    I love the way you write 🙂

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  2. gladysschaefer

    So true! Beautifully said.

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