27 Memorial Day

A gentle reminder that while you may not agree with the wars and you may have the privilege of living a life in which you don’t know a person who died in this or any war — this day isn’t so much about whether or not you BBQ (we do and laugh, and swim, and play games, and build bonfires), but rather that you acknowledge that people are dead, and their real life families are alive all around you, and their brothers in arms see their faces every day. It is not a useless holiday, and they aren’t fighting for your freedom maybe. But people who believed they were fighting for the greater good have passed away in that fight and their friends and families grieve for them and feel really lucky that we have a day that we can gather together, remember together, and grieve together. Frankly — we don’t care what you’re doing with your Monday, but we hope you remember the vague masses that you don’t know who tried their best to make the world around them safer and better.
My honest hope is that everyone who has this day off celebrates — barbecue for sure! Hug your family, laugh, make merry because you are alive and summer has begun and maybe things are looking up! But don’t be mad if people who are hurting don’t know how the world is still spinning — sometimes on Memorial Day the sun is too bright and the smiles too wide — and maybe they make a yell-y status on Facebook about respecting the fallen. Mostly we are all just afraid that the people who matter to us are fading and being forgotten — and that hurts. And this day is truly for them, for us, and for you.


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