When the wind seems to blow only cold winds through your bones

and the stars only shine frozen light,

when the Owls make their sounds in the distant holly trees

and the stiff climate pervades the room

Whenever the cold comes know that I’ll hold out a coat

when the glimpse of heaven steals your breath know that I will kiss it back

when the deep and dying bridges of perfection over come you,  I will rebuild on you again and again.

When you have the option of one way or another, I will be voting for the one you won’t regret.

When the choice that’s right is hardest and will affect your better years,  you can hold the rope tightly and I will hold down the other end.

when the elder days surround us and every first time is behind us, I will take your hand and still feel that it is strong.

and should I go before you and you have empty days to consider, know that in my mind you passed every test.

With you I live the life that is best.


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