Made of Starlight

You, child, you

you are made of starlight

made of sunshine

and Sunday wishes.

you, child, you

you are made of forget-me-nots

of rose petals

and growing inches.


you were made for dancing

in the moonlight

in the starlight

and the rain

you were made for every day

and night, too.

You, child, you

can be enough in just doing these things.


you start to think about biology, the way we’re compiled to live; like creatures of our own experience. But made — in the beginning — whole beings. No experience but birth and, hopefully, love. made to belong.

we are already whole in that moment  — we are already whole.

It isn’t until right after that, when pieces of us start to go missing.

& we take the rest of our lives to find Peace. Then, not until we see him — face to face — that we are whole again.



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