He doesn’t offer courage, though he could and it would be perfect. Instead of courage He simply takes a step in front of you and turns back to look you in the eye. “I’ll go with you” He says and together you begin to walk.

Terror and doubt fill your mind as you walk into the wilderness away from things known and familiar. You close your eyes and try to pluck up the kindling that pushes the sparks of belief into a fire of the same elusive courage you have pretended to own for ages. But courage is not a gift of the spirit. Faith is. It is when you open your eyes that you are filled with it. You can nearly see Him there, a flicker in the wind like a mirage of someone you have known so carefully and contentedly in all of your lifelong sleepiness. His face, ever changing, reminds you of cool water and warm sunlight. His voice, speaking the only language you now know, refreshes your heart and your head slowly stops aching. He speaks again “I’ll go with you.”

These words change you, although you don’t yet know it. Before this time you thought, though your friends may surround you, that you walked this path alone. Before these words you knew, though the love for you was great, that no one would be willing to climb to the depths that you must for any reason — thus you would climb unaccompanied. Before these words there was no one who could stand beside you here — on this road. Yet now He says it again, over and over “I’ll go with you.” “I’ll go with you.” You are worthy of companionship and no path will come on which you will lack a partner.

When you look around you are aware of fear — the ever present knowledge that you cannot turn back to home — home is the true mirage. Courage is a word given to you as a description but it is not the word you feel. The words you feel are “Accompanied” “befriended” “accepted” “Guided.” He has the courage. You, the path that is yours without room for objection or rejection — this road belongs to you alone, but He will go it with you.

And like the lapsing seas we are unsure of where we belong
yet He stands on the wet sands between us and our end goals
There He pulls us in like the almighty tide
all the way unto the very edge of the great earth
to that very line that others tiptoe between land and sea
between home and far
between courage and fear
Here it is that we are made true.


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