Sister Sister (Notable pt.7)

You might not know this about me — but if you follow my facebook you should — I am from a giant family. So is Lane. And, if you’ve been anywhere near my family or his family in the past year you know that the guys and girls in our families have whatever hormone it is that makes us get along super well and want to commit the rest of our lives to hang out together. Thus, on a bright windy day in Newport Beach, California — this happened:

 10435660_10203015840889591_924446709290802899_nYep. My sister married Lane’s brother thus ensuring the line of Schezells to carry strong for a solid generation.

There are a couple of extra every day miracles in this picture.
Before this wedding, Lane and I had moved home to Alabama and had been here for some 6 months. This was the first time since I was young and wild-minded that I got to spend any quality time with Hopie. I had no idea what I’d been missing out on by way of a sister friend. We worked together in a small cafe here in Alabama where I got to be privy to her life, learn about her, laugh with her, and catch up on all I had missed in my absence. It was wonderful and I see what my brother sees in her.

Moreover — Thomas is one of my best friends. He has been so faithful a brother since before Lane and I were together. While Lane was in Boot Camp, Thomas was vouching for him, keeping tabs on me, being a listening ear and basically scoring big time for his brother. Every time Lane deployed, Thomas was there checking in, making sure I was breathing. I owe him big time; so when Thomas needed someone to encourage him towards asking out the girl he couldn’t stop talking about, I was there to vouch for him. I was his listening ear, talking him up, keeping tabs on the girl he liked — basically scoring big time for him. It just happened to be my sister he was falling for.

Lane and I discussed what terrible consequences this could have on our lives if the relationship didn’t work out. And the consequences it carried if it did. So we were really glad when they decided to get married. Here are a few adorable things that we have come to realize:

-Lane and I are very likely going to have at least one kid that looks exactly like their aunt or uncle — same gene pool people, why mess with perfection?
-We have hiking buddies, travel buddies, easy couple friends forever.
-Yes they are probably moving to Montana too — when you’re this related you have to live near by.
-Business partners, best friends, built in baby-sitters.
-I wonder if our kids will even understand that they are cousins.
-Our kids will always have some of the same cousins at whatever side of the family holiday celebration we go to.

Lastly, I think it’s time we made t-shirts celebrating all of this awesome. Also, if anyone knows anyone else that are sisters married to brothers, I’d really like to connect.

Mostly though I’m happy they found each other and don’t know how I missed it before — I’m so thankful that God let Lane and I be a part of something so cool.

I mean y’all this is at least sort of miraculous — right?

I think so — definitely notable anyway



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