homeaway (Notable pt.3)

A most encouraging guide is a friend at the other end of the road.

When I called Alyx from Albuquerque to tell her I’d be in California soon and catch up with her — I wasn’t expecting her awesomeness to be pronounced in the way it was. I knew her well by then, we’d been throw-together friends for awhile. I was just chatting with her, passing the time as I crossed the long familiar stretches of road that make up the 20 through new Mexico and Arizona and into the California Mojave Desert. I told her I was going to come to Cali right away — I needed to see the ocean and find an apartment — and then I was going to Las Vegas for a wedding. When she offered her spare room to me so I didn’t have to stay in a hotel, I shouldn’t have been surprised. She’s always going out of her way for people. When I got to San Clemente at 10:45 that night, she was there with doors open and a huge hug. She welcomed me home like a sister and poured me a cup of coffee so that we could catch up on everything. She gave me a key to her home and said to come and go as I pleased. The next morning, she woke me up at 5 because she had to run a bootcamp and she knew how much I wanted to lose 3 pounds in the next 2 weeks before Lane got home. She let me join in for free, offered me protein drinks, coffee and water. (Have a mentioned she’s an incredible personal trainer? @fitlifeluck on instagram.) She kept this up every day, working her busy client schedule and finding time to go on beach walks with me and just be my friend. When I asked if there was any way she’d come to Las Vegas with me, since I didn’t want to be there alone, she packed a bag, offered to split room and gas, and promised she’d show me the clean side of Vegas (since both of our men were gone and we made a pact to be healthy and respectful towards them) We went running on the strip. She, knowing my love for all things Italian took me to the venetian and we walked about. She was an incredible date for the after wedding brunch, making friends with my old room mate and acting as if she’d known everyone for years. She chowed down on a all you can eat buffet and we sipped coffee — so.much.coffee. We shared our hearts and love for our men and trust in God. When we got back to California, I stayed with her for another 4 days while I found an apartment. She helped me move my stuff and settle in and then made herself available to be whatever family I needed until Lane could get home to me. She was my family — and as I said before, the military families have a way of pulling you in to belong to them. She’s an example of how they look out for their own.

I shouldn’t ever be surprised by Alyx’s generosity — it’s in her nature. She works hard for everything she has — from friendship to fitness to her career. I know I was lucky to have a friend like her. She, all by herself, is an every day miracle.



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