Amazing Thing, Old Friends. (Notable pt.2)

This story begins way back around the time I was eight-or-so years old. I was in a home-school co-op’s “science” class with a massive group of kids who were varying levels of genius (we all have our own genius, right… right guys?) I was the girl in the matching satin pink sailor suit bringing in my collection of — ok my sister’s collection of — postage stamps, while all of the other kids had, you know, sea-shells with scientific names, or they could spell “science” (sines … seinse… syanse… si — screw it I just want to dance) But really it was a good time because we got to dissect cows eyes and learn about how coke burned through teeth. I had some solid eight year old friends — who were way brighter than me but chose to eat lunch with me anyway — and all was well.
In this science class, I sat near an actual genius, Paul. Like he was nine and he actually understood the concepts that were being talked about — and had questions for the teacher that would blow her (and the rest of our) mind. He was always nice and we got along, but mostly our conversations were in passing.

Fast forward 10 years and we’ve both moved to Colorado — Paul to continue his genius at the Air Force Academy and me to continue my wanderlust and education at UCD. This made a cool friendship — being two alabamians from Birmingham homeschool groups — we made sure to see each other now and then and catch up on life and talk about our friends at home. He and Lane would talk about military things while I sipped a cambric tea when Lane came to town, it was just a cool friendship to have all around. And because all of us are moving all of the time, it has always been fun to meet up different places whenever we’re nearby.

Last year though, God did something really cool. As most of you know (?) I got to drive myself across the country in March 2013 to get home to California and meet up with my incredible husband after his last deployment. I was really excited to take this trip by myself, (this trip has been on my bucket list since Elizabethtown came out circa 2004) so I made all of the plans, I got really lucky right away to get to drive to Granbury Texas and visit my Memaw (in-law but not really). She is always amazing to see so I spent the better part of the week following her around and getting to know her better. Beyond seeing her I really had no plan for my next stop on my trip west. I figured I’d do what my Dad always does and just Priceline something in route when I got tired. But two nights before I left Granbury I got a message from Paul. He asked if I would be driving through Albuquerque anytime soon and when I said I would he gave me a call. He said he thought he could find me a couch to surf on there — he was there for a few months for training. (GOD IS SO COOL ISN’T HE?!)  I told him I would love that! He called me the next day to let me know he had a staff sergeant in his training program who had a house but would stay at the barracks while I was in town — I’d have the place to my self.
So when I got to Albuquerque I got to hang out with Paul, eat sushi and icecream, and then take a shower in a clean home. I still slept on the couch because A) it was super cozy and B) I respect the very kind person who allowed me to stay alone in his house that night and the couch felt more telling of that.

This, to me, was such a huge everyday miracle. To have Paul training right on my route through, and then to have that super awesome staff sergeant be willing to let me stay in his place. Incredible.  I’m lucky to be able to call Paul a friend and to be able to say I know other people like him who will go out of their way to meet me in the middle, or make life more enjoyable and simple.Let me also say, this is an excellent show of how military people look out for each other — the next place I stayed was in another military household, a story I’ll save for another Monday.

I’m thankful for old old friends and for every day miracles. This story makes this friend and act of kindness notable.  What are your stories of friends who have pulled through to make your life a little easier? I’d really love to hear them.



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