Dear Friends, I think it’s high time I run a series of posts I’ve been thinking about for over a year. I know I mentioned it in passing a few times but never with the whole idea formulated. Now I would like to present to you Notables. 

Once a week for the next little while, I plan on telling you about some of the amazing people I have encountered in the movements I’ve had over the past several years. As some of you may know, I was lucky enough to travel across the states from AL to CA last year all by myself in a car, this trip was awesome but would have been totally different had it not been for some key players, and I am so excited to share those stories. 
Also, there were many remarkable moments clearly orchestrated by God during my time in California and to skip over the stories would be (in my opinion) a total over-looking of every day miracles. 

So, anyone who is still reading this long-time un-updated blog — please look forward to this summer series of stories. I will be putting them out on Mondays, and who knows — you might be in one or more of them=) 

Yours truly, 



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