Ocean Thoughts

I see it in the distance. Hushed waves carry a memory home into the forefront of my mind, when the water recedes, it leaves behind the broken sea shells and seaweed strands that hold tendrils of stories. Like every other time I’ve ever walked on the beach, I reach to pick up and examine all of these wondrous and vaguely familiar items left to me by the ocean’s quiet promise — “you will never be forgotten.” 

Home in Alabama I feel the loss of California. I wonder if there will ever again be a time when I don’t miss a home. The honest value of old friendships seem to sit on the sand 2,000 miles away — laughter caught up in the air as if the clouds will hold the brook like, the throaty, the flute ringing giggles that we expelled over months of bonding and missing our men. The games we all played together as couples who had the comfortable knowledge that we were all in the same exact boat sailing nowhere we could predict and never minding — but a little. 

Home in Alabama I feel the jubilation of the freedom. The wonder sinks into my soul as I look at faces whole and who still have a wild life up ahead of them. We are all away and the only dangers that we face are those of normal couples looking just to live. 

Drove straight to Montana just to see what Winter is like again. I feel the massive undertaking of adventure in my blood. It almost feels reckless to just jump onto joy like this but we are young and are in love and it is easy to move forward. 

Watched a movie about wartime and the evening fog set in again. Because though the faces were unknown the story is no stretch. When I think about the difficult, the horrible, the damp-dark-cold I realized something I never realized yet before. While you want to forget about everything and let the life begin again — I’d hate myself if I didn’t remember the fallen every single day. 

But I pray they forget the terror — and I hope that you forget yours beyond the lesson — and i hope that peace comes into you at the end of every day. 

As I close my eyes to pass the night I hear the waves rush in again taking away their memories and hushing me to rest. Push they do through every thought and tell me to so pace my heart and whisper their new mantra “You will never be forgot” 



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