annoying 100 times

Today was such a Monday. I drank too much coffee, was angry out-loud, changed our plans mid-afternoon, didn’t fold my laundry, didn’t do the dishes, didn’t think about thawing the chicken before I walked out the door. 

While I was serving tables I wore a whole smile that may or may not have ever reached my eyes. The week is long already and it hasn’t even begun. 

Today I made vinegar cole slaw that tasted surprisingly like vinegar — and I sneezed while it was in my mouth, now my nose burns like vinegar — it is a monday. 

Today while playing with our dog we broke an empty wine glass without ever any of us touching it. It’s a Monday. 

When I got home from work I complained about parts of my job for the whole 12 minutes too long. Monday. 

When I went walking around the kitchen my shoulder somehow knocked flowers to the floor — I am short. It is Monday. 

My chicken won’t finish baking, my broccoli wont boil, and I’m still wearing socks for some reason. 

Goodness knows I have been annoying a hundred times today to everyone around me, but especially to my husband. 
I was annoying one hundred times 
Still he chose to love me one hundred and one. 
We come through these days still on top and holding hands 

Suddenly it all matters a little bit less
Besides, it’s only a Monday. 



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