I am Thankful

It’s Alabama. It’s Birmingham. The first big thunder happened for me today.

Home is where you start from.

A hundred years ago– or so it feels — I wrote my last post. Then I packed up my apartment and my husband and I got into a car and drove 50 hours straight… straight here. Straight to family. Straight to freedom. Straight to sanity. Straight to life and marriage and wholesome. Straight home.
God — I am thankful.

We landed a crazy flip version of a life we were living — seemingly mid-air — always changing always turning always something always much — and we stuck our landing here. Stuck to memories. Stuck to history. Stuck to old views of our new selves we hardly recognize anymore. Stuck to names we left behind. Stuck to who we became. Stuck to who we are. Stuck to where we belong today. Stuck to future.
God — I am thankful.

We were greeted by a Birmingham we hardly know — by you, sweet southern people. With your smiles, with your freedom, with your humble kindness, with your grapevine circle life and your dancing bare feet. With your whole wide hearts you took us. We were greeted by a people we either didn’t know existed or forgot in our much too distant life. We were greeted by a country-side so green our hearts felt the deep southern wind and we were home again.
God — for these I am thankful.

And when we go to sleep at night — I don’t worry when he’ll have to leave. I don’t worry that time wont be enough. I don’t worry that a war might start, or might end, or might not. I don’t worry that the remaining time in my young years will ask me to be more than all I am. I don’t worry… I don’t have to.
God– Thank you.

A thousand years ago I was far away from here. But I am home now, and the sweet, sweaty, undefinable South Land, with it’s football, sweet tea, true hearts, wholesome storms to wash away the dark — it has embraced me honestly.
God — I am thankful.



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