A Dream

I hear them coming, the distant beating drums of 3,000 hearts pounding forward. Three thousand voices raised — like their right arms — swords in hand. Deep music booms loudly in the distance and the faces of the cunning enemy surrounding you and me, they are dumbfounded.
Around us a terrible sight, of our sisters and brothers who have strayed from the light and they are sinking in manholes so big ten thousand could fit in them. and we have dropped our arms, because we are too weak to raise the alarm… but hold your breath.
There is no path in heaven that can take us to hell once we have set our tiny feet on the only solid ground.
They have come. An army of angels so terrible that those whom have attempted to hold us captive (without gain since we have not left our terra) shrink onto their haunches or flee toward the desert — a few — Pride, Fear — the usual ones who hang around beyond their time — they raise their twisted scabbards, and metal catches metal and they are in heated battle. And I daren’t breathe or move too much, for fear the battle will engulf me.
Instead, like a shield is around me, I feel blows glance off of the air a foot from my face and I know that I have nothing to do within this fight, so I bite my lip and sit to watch my champion take hold of the battle and overcome it again. My champion takes Fear and stands up to him silently, and even Fear screams — finding himself repulsive — and is extinguished in front of my eyes. He looks to Pride and taking a humble dagger stabs Him deep in the heart of the matter, Pride falls to his knees and a deep and fading pulse sends his green lifeblood out onto the battle field and into the manholes.
My Champion sits by my side as I observe the other battles happening around me. Sisters of mine still stuck in the fray as their battles clash hauntingly around them in the mist of the morning. We exult as one by one the captors are annihilated until there are only one or two — which in their own panic flee for their useless lives — to tell the tale.
Then we stand, and look around and my Champion takes my hands — “look into the manholes and pull out your sisters and brothers or they will drown.” Tears fill my eyes as I see that there is not time enough to save them all, we have been fighting for ourselves in our own desperation for too long. I ask him if those standing will be strong enough to pull them up. “You aren’t, and you don’t have to be” He said “but you will be the hand they remember holding as they rose. They will need family, the pit is dark.”

Here am I, Lord. Send me.


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