Oh my gosh I am so emotional. I’m like a 12 year old girl just discovering mood swings emotional.
I’m like in the “I need hot chocolate RIGHT NOW” then “Holy crap I have to find a way to burn off these calories” emotional.
My hands are always busy trying to make my new home — well home.
My heart is always full of memories from last time he came home, and memories from last time I saw him, and ideas about what the next lifetime holds from here.
My eyes are wide open always staring seaward
My face stuck in this hopeful half smile.

I am so anxious to hold my husband again. So anxious to see his face and hold his hand and hear his laugh and have him HERE This saturday is practically done I only have ONE MORE full weekend left.

And I hope you’re reading this as fast as if it were being fast forwarded — in those chipmunk voices — because that’s how fast my mind is going and my heart is going and my hands are going. Oh Lord Jesus bring this deployment to an end FASTER I just only want to be done now!

I know this isn’t a beautiful post, but I’m giving it to you anyway.
Friends who have prayed with me through this deployment, who have stood with me and loved me and held my hand when I felt alone– please keep praying as we enter the last week apart, and as we reenter our lifetime together.

What is it I always say?



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