Glory to God.

Ok, about two years and 31 days ago I just touched into California with my mom, my dad flew in and got us a rental house close to the beach while we began the process of piecing together my first home with the Corporal. They sat with me for hours and hours while we waited for men from Ikea to show up, they brought chinese food and read books out loud to me. When I stared to get in a panic about anything (which happened frequently) my mom would hug me and make it ok, or my dad would squeeze my hand. They ate slow food with me, they helped find favorite restaurants — they made the hard parts easy — they were pros at this, they knew exactly how to make moving away alright, I’d made them do it so many times before. I remember thinking that no little girl could ever before have known such love and when I had to take them to the airport, we all held back hopeless tears — it never gets easier to say goodbye to the people who made this whole wide world my home. Then I looked around and realized I was in a friendless place with 24 days to go before I’d see my husband. The time moved quickly but it was lonely and quiet.

Flash forward two years and I month, and here I am, moving into a tiny little apartment a little closer to base, I’ve been here for a week(ish) now. As soon as I got to California *three days early* I was taken in by a friend who gave me a spare room, fed me healthy food and invited me to be a part of her early morning workout classes. Alyx took me to Costco, drove across the Mohave Desert with me twice to go to a wedding in Las Vegas — was never upset that I didn’t want to do the classic Vegas thing. Instead she found amazing fun things to see and do in Las Vegas without the need of gambling, intoxication, or anything that would hold us anywhere close to reproach. She made it fun. She never made any part of the wedding awkward, she was the perfect person to have along and that alone would be enough, but then she took me back into her home until I moved into my apartment. and I thought: Good Lord, I’m not alone in this state — I am even loved.

Then came moving day. My Brother in Law is out here in California and as I was wondering how I’d get everything all up the one flight of stairs to my apartment. Thomas not only volunteers himself, but he brings 4 other guys. I just rented a moving truck and they jumped on board without complaint. They moved my heavy furniture and boxes up the stairs and then when everything was up they sat down on my fold out chairs and complemented my homemade pizza like it actually was the best thing they’d ever tasted.

Same night, my two best native Californian friends show up to my new place to help piece they tiny pieces together, bringing a piece of their homemade lasagna. Gigi and Rosa jump right in, going through boxes and laughing along with the boys and making this two room nest feel like home. And I thought to myself, Good Lord — I am not alone in this state —  I might even belong.

Next morning I get a text from Mars that she simply must see me soon — it’s been too long. I’ve been invited to dinner, for shopping for group sushi, and I’m seeing her tonight — I couldn’t be more excited! Good Lord — I am not alone in this state — I have friends.

Yesterday I get a text from Harley — she’s coming in early and is staying with me!! — I’m not alone — I have family

Today I wake up to Gigi at the door, she’s holding a cup of hot coffee for me and asks if she can take my couch cover (which has been sitting in storage for 8 months) to her Grandmother at the hotel she works at to have it cleaned. — I’m not alone — I am well cared for.

And these are all small and large proofs that God has blessed me through people every single day. This doesn’t even begin to cover the roadtrip across — which I’ll have to make a whole new post for. It doesn’t even being to cover the blessings He’s given me that are not through people. Because Good Lord — I could go on and on.

I put all of this on here to bear record that my God is faithful. I’ve never come to a place in life yet in which I cannot attest that I have been blessed in full by my creator and I know that wherever He takes me — so long as He’s there — I will always be home.

Seriously, I have to tell you about my road trip — stand by.



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  1. Loved reading this! Thank you for sharing your experiences of God’s faithfulness!

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