this accidentally turned into an easter post and I didn’t mean for it to.

oh my goodness. today was the very first day of spring. it was the very first day of real -honest-to-goodness- springtime breezes. it was the first of the redbuds turning red, it was the first of the robins flying everywhere, it was the first of the yellows and pinks and purples and whites all showing and singing their great big vibrant song to their creator. It was the first day that the brook near my workplace babbled instead of tripped, it was the first time that the sky and the warm south wind and the grey, dewy, springtime sunrise really woke up instead of blinking a thousand times until it slept again. Today was March 4th and it was the very first real live, bright eyed, spring day of 2013 in Birmingham Alabama and Hallelujah it would be a lie to say that I have not waited for this day… mmm. So. Good. if you wanted — you could taste the green in the air, and you could feel the March time stretching and you could know — spring and all that it holds is here– and the earth rejoices again and again and again I say REJOICE.

and even in the days of Lent we wait not for a new miracle — Because CHRIST IS RISIN– and oh how sweet the earth lifts up its everything, all around you, friend. it is quiet if you aren’t listening, it is colorless if you aren’t looking, it still holds its breath if you aren’t breathing — so hear me again — spring has come! there is no one in the tomb HE is risen and there is NO fault that hell can hold over you, none — not even that.

I am excited! aren’t you? even just a little?!



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