halfway through week 1

me: your sister and I are really working on eating 1200 net calories a day

husband: I burn 1200 calories just on my run… I have to eat closer to 3000 to stay healthy

me: …
it’s really hard to eat that much food



the joy of the Lord is  my strength — He’s been proving it every day. My God remains faithful, and loving, and kind. I am blessed.

I have woken up early 1 time so far to learn with Him.



all fruit and veggie monday was a serious stretch of the imagination.


no shifts picked up so far — but I got a really cute dress.


Granola made and specific protein request sent in… one care package is almost ready to go.



I don’t remember what the 6th one was



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3 responses to “halfway through week 1

  1. “All fruit and veggie Monday” sounds just like the good ole days at Limelight. ❤

    • for cereal though — and I totally face palmed that goal. — huge surprise, when did we ever follow through with all fruit and veggies. The answer is when the jalapeno &/or wheat bagels ran out

  2. trustbelievefaithhopelove

    I love fruit and veggie Monday Idea.. Plus protein shakes?

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