Fraternizing with February

As my (slightly belated) New Years Resolution — I rarely do make them within January, I feel like that makes them vulnerable to all of the negative thoughts floating around — I am going to make monthly goal lists. I feel like I can stick to anything for just 4-5 weeks. Promises made for a year (which has made its own promise to be full of many jolts and changes) seem futile and childish, for I know myself far better than to think my petty “scouts honor” resolutions will hold. But I digress.
I’m going to make a list of February goals on here — it is, after all, the shortest month. I am also a week in. We’ll see how it goes, shall we?

1. Pick up at least 2 extra shifts at work — walking around is benificial, the atmosphere wont kill me and I’m bound to make at least $50 extra. That is all good.

2. Work out at the gym at least 3 times a week — try to run outside at least twice. — if these need to overlap, it will be ok.

3. eat at least net 1200 calories a day — 800 of which need to come before 4 pm. And really Hannah, lets keep them as clean as possible, you’re really the one who wins in the end if you stop making 600 of them come from white flour.

4. while we’re talking crazy, lets make one day a week “raw fruit and veggie day” — there are three more mondays left this month — lets make raw day Monday.

5. Send at least two care packages to that man you love so much.

6. and while we’re on love, its time to get back into shape with your God-time. So lets wake up extra early 3 days a week — we’ll call them Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, and spend a little extra time with that God you’re in love with… Maybe then all the rest of the DNA of your life will sort itself out into something less chaotic to look at.

Six not so crazy requests. 3 weeks in a row. I think I’ll just set reminders in my phone– just in case.

God is faithful. Anyone out there have any crazy ideas for what I could put on my list for march?




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3 responses to “Fraternizing with February

  1. Jonathan

    March – memorize scripture

    • Yes. March — memorize scripture — but what passages? not proverbs, I’ve spent a lot of time with that… I know some of genesis and Ephesians. What passages have you memorized that have really impacted you?

  2. trustbelievefaithhopelove

    I’m a Corinthians fan.

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