Dear reader, I am so tired tonight, I can feel the bags under my eyes and someone told me that I look way older than my age — which is the total opposite of what I have heard all of my life. I was thinking as I drove tonight, headed home, about all of the people I know — especially new friends and acquaintances — and about the way everyone talks lately… I’m beginning to see a trend. The world was supposed to end twice this month, multiple times in the past few years, and whose to say that the newly discovered Zombie disease won’t break us down tomorrow. Suddenly I see my generation from a distance, we are a sad crew milling around, shuffling our feet and worried that we’ll be out of work tomorrow, nervous about the next ten years, terrified that we are in a sink hole and only being gulped downward by the economy, by the government, by our own misgivings, by the darkness.
What I realized as I drove home tonight, is that hopelessness is catching. We live in a world so close to negativity, our generation has a special connection to the world around them through social media, and while that can be a gift and a wonder, we are also exposed to the most negative of the human race, many times it is the most angry, bitter, scared, worried, and hopeless person who is hailing our media with fear and despair, loneliness and worry. We have caught the hopelessness.
What a dark and terrible thing to enter our hopeful world.
Generations before us have dealt with many terrors — to that there is no question. Brave they are and have had reason to be. But the enemy in the past has been obvious, the war to fight it has been clear, and a nation once united under the need for resolution to each and every battle. Our generation today fights an invisible enemy, “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, it is against principalities, against power, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Hopelessness is a contagious disease, we spread it with every word of fear and doubt, we spread it when we stop looking up in hopes of a brighter day, when we stop reaching out with encouragement. Never to say by any means that our world is good, and that our fears and hardships are not real or difficult. Only that we are making it worse, we give each other the kiss of death when we complain, respond in anger, or build in on a conversation full of this stuff — hopelessness — which makes people too heavy to carry on.
While darkness falls all around us, there is still so much to find joy in, I know you have little things in your life that fill you with joy — I see your instagrams. So see the world for the reality of what it is — and then change your point of view, because giving in to hopelessness only makes you feel colder, more lonely, more exiled. Know that the hard things are there, and real. But see the life still bursting at the seams with glory. The stars are still bright, the food is still there, you are smarter than you acknowledge and there is no war yet on our turf. We are blessed, and life is good, and hope springs eternal… so why be hopeless and contagious, pessimists are only ever sad. And the way I think, is that if hopelessness is so catching — hopefulness might be the antidote, and just as aggressive, and just as catching.

To my friends who claim Christianity especially, we are purposed to be joyful, we have been given forever hope and for that reason you especially I cannot understand when it comes to this disease. How can you be hopeless when there are so many promises of hope in the words that you cling to so closely? Moreso, how can you join in with those who are left hopeless? You are called to spread hope and joy where you go — and me also among you — We have no reason to be laid so low or to shuffle and mourn with all the rest.
“For God did not give us a spirit of fear. He gave us a spirit of power and of love and of a good mind.” -2Tim 1:7

Find hope and joy and good, it is there.




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2 responses to “Hopelessness

  1. Jonathan

    Very Hopeful! Actually mostly excited about being alive in Christ! ~stillhopeful

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