my psalm

Take me far away and make me beautiful,
bring the people I love only joy and happiness
When the sun spikes high and the darkness is gone
let the people not only consider the heat.
some nights when their hearts get lonely
let them find a companion
even if it’s only a ghost or a dog
And Lord?
when you’re looking through your — many amazing and colorful– eyes
don’t forget the blind.
And Lord?
I’ve seen you remember your people,
please help them to remember you.
When you think on those who need your love
let us be the body that brings it along
and never more be acquainted with hatred.
and Lord,
when the night is darkest and the sun is eclipsed
let the people not only think on the cold, but find rest
and when the days are filled with family and life
bring them to a quiet moment, to think on you
and be with you.
let them be filled with all joy
and fill them with your peace
and hold them with your grace and justice
you have sworn yourself to them
never yet have you departed, never will you.


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