I want to document this day

Today I was blessed, the Corporal was in a place where we could talk most of the day, he was able to have some peaceful time while the battalion stopped to load up on some equipment for the rest of the deployment. He was able to snorkel and have real food and we chatted from this morning all the way until about half an hour ago. I was going to write it in a letter, but then the words would get lost or tossed and I was going to put it in my journal, but there it might not be remembered. So it is here, so that you know, today we were blessed.

My husband is a man who loves the way the bible says he should. He is a man who seeks God’s heart and will. He is amazing, and kind, and good. I am blessed to be the wife of a man who can make me laugh, then hold my heart so softly, and take the world so forcefully. I am proud and happy to be the wife of such a man, and I thought that you should know… I guess just so that you know.

For those who read this who aren’t yet married, look for a man or woman who seeks after God first, because after that follows all joy — no matter what you go through in life.
For those who read this and are married, be a man or wife who seeks after God… Where you find God, there will be joy.

I’m no pro at life though, these are things I knew once and learn again.

What I know is that I have been blessed ten thousand fold.

May you be blessed in such a way.



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  1. trustbelievefaithhopelove

    I am so blessed. And in that I know the blessing you share. I am so happy and grateful for you. Stay strong and stay lovely.

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