God knows we’re tough, He knows.

Hello to you reading over there, wherever you are.

I am sitting on a palate in the middle of the den in the apartment that made up the Corporal and my first home together. I am alone and I will be alone for the rest of the time that remains on our lease, which is really not that long at all. You see, my friends, He has gone again and I have been without him for two and a half days now, and that isn’t very much to how many more we have ahead.
I am so thankful for every prayer that you have been praying since the days before and since he left… I have felt every one more than you can know. I don’t want you all to be over worried, however, I am hanging in there with the best of them so far. Two years ago this time the Corporal was headed out to Afghanistan. This time, my beloved is safely on a ship for now, he is on a deployment to be the first responder should any new war arise, any natural disaster occur, or any new embassies see the same sort of fear as those of recent days. Because of this difference between the deployments, I am far from the fear which haunted me last time. This made the goodbye less bitter and it has made my days a touch easier. I am so sad that he is away and I miss him more than words could even begin to tell you, but some emotions were never meant to be put into words anyway.

I saw a quote that said that the military wife’s main defense is acceptance, and I think that’s sort of true. We really don’t have the option of comparison to the rest of the world, if we do compare our lives it would only breed dissatisfaction. So I’m happy for those who never have to do a deployment, or anything of the like. But I am so happy for me, because I have found someone who makes it worth while and I know that I am extremely and boundlessly blessed.

this, like all of my posts, is very self centered… I suppose I should eventually give you my thoughts on other things… or not.

He and I have done harder things, this deployment is just another thing to get us to whoever it is God has intended for us to be in Him.

God has been faithful, He will be again.

one of my most sarcastic friends told me I should actually have been born a bird today… I took it as a complement.


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