Two Years Old is still Brand New

Two years ago right this very second, I was an hour away from marrying my hero and my best friend. I think I’m required to give you a recap of our lives — which I totally intend on doing. You were warned.
Mostly the past two years have been an enormous change bomb which landed right in the middle of our prior story — which had been two kids who grew up in church together laughing at the same jokes, creepin’ with the same folks you know the gushies of it all. Then we got married, then there was Afghanistan which got us almost to our one year mark, that deployment being the single most trying time in either of our lives, we are happy to have been together through it, it’s one of those things where you said “for better and for worse” and worse came first and besides being glad that vow was in place, the way I see it is that if you get “worse” out of the way early, surely the better will follow… Law of Averages and optimism and stuff.
From there, a year of pretty great followed, I have seen almost every action movie created from the ’80s to present — although it took until LAST MONTH for him to bring out the big guns and show me Mr. & Mrs. Smith for the first time, which is a party foul in my book because after watching “Die hard… harder… hardest” etc. I feel I little bit like we saved the best wine for the end of the party. We has 4th of July gatherings and our first Thanksgiving together away from everything. We had a Christmas and a New Years. On Valentines day I came home from the worst ever day of work and He was just waiting on me, a massive vase of roses, a massive heart of chocolates and a massive hug for me and the day was forgotten and I knew he loved me. His work got harder and we learned to go to sleep at 8-o-clock without any trouble. I made dessert when he wasn’t working too hard to stay in shape — I made dessert when he was working too hard to stay in shape. We hiked in the mountains and went skydiving over them. Friends and family came and went from our tiny little apartment here in the middle of Mission Viejo, and laughter has filled the air at least a little every day, and sometimes it’s so much that it overflows. We love Irish pubs and fish and chips, we love being active together when life permits, we love tiny baby road trips with lots of music, and every Sunday we drive to Stews for a haircut. Sometimes we don’t say a word to each other, we read, or clean, or doze. Sometimes he was away and I would wait for him, sometimes I took hours dressing and he would wait for me. We have kissed good night every time we could, and have prayed with each other each morning for a long time now, we know very well that it is God who keeps us well. Sometimes we drive each other a little crazy — what would life be if we didn’t… But 2 years in, so far I think we’re doing ok. If that’s not love, what is?

We’re headed into our second deployment next month, he’ll be safe though, on a ship. The communication is said to be worse, but I know we can handle it — we’ve done this sort of time before.

I am a blessed woman to have such a man, who will seek God, who will pursue his dreams, and who will love me for as long as we both shall live.

written in joy

P.s. everyone, I will no longer be referring to my husband as “the Lance Corporal” He will now simply be “Corporal” He picked up rank last month and I couldn’t be more proud!



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2 responses to “Two Years Old is still Brand New

  1. Karen Duval

    Lady… it feels like my soul breathes more comfortably after reading your writing. I love your heart.

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