Hey Ya’ll, some months it feels like no one can catch any luck, and if they do it’s only to sneeze it back out with the cold they caught before, my family and many people I know are having this sort of a month. I was so blessed to be able to go back home for just over a week to be with my family and hold everyone close and feel the strength of each of our hearts still beating. Being present in the distress is the best gift I could have been given and I am so thankful that I was given the gift of that trip. However, as I returned to California to be able to see my sweet husband again (he’s also been away — training– for about 2.5 weeks now) the news from home doesn’t disappear. And since I am far now there isn’t much I can do but to beg you, my friends, to send up a prayer on these things:

For my Sister Samantha and her brave husband Ryan and their beautiful kids all 3. For the oldest children to be resilient as they share mommy and daddy. For the youngest to grow big and strong and maybe when he gets to his 3 week birthday — that he could be able to go home. Pray for my sister and her husband that God gives them courage and strength and grace that only He knows how to give during the hardest times. — And a praise that Tucker is alive and beautiful. God has been Faithful, He will be again.

For my Brother Christopher and his sweet wife Jen — especially for Jen’s Dad, Ken, who is recovering from a pacemaker surgery and doing just fine. We are thankful that they found all that they needed to know to save his heart before it could get worse. and for their beautiful and flourishing life as it grows and changes. God has been faithful, He will be agian.

For my younger two sisters Ruth and Hope now in college as their finals are taken but they both have to stay in their college towns, as they move apartments and go into the next years of school — that they find peace and confidence in God’s will for their lives — for He has been faithful, He will be agian.

For my Parents as they watch us grow up and deal with big boo-boo’s instead of scratched knees, as a whole new stage of life is being set before them, in this time of coming transition pray that they take courage for God has been faithful, He will be again.

For our dear friend Kelsey, who lost a brother this week. Though I couldn’t dare know the pain… pray that God holds her closer and holds all of her tears and that he comforts her heart and those of her family and that one day they will be able to see and know that God has been faithful, He will be again.

For my Brother in Law, Thomas, who is in his third week of bootcamp, that he learn well and that it runs smoothly, that he accepts all the dumb-ness with a grain of salt knowing that he will be stronger for it. And for he and his family to look at his whole life and say God has been faithful, He will be again.

For the Jones’ a new married couple whose whole house and all of their belongings burnt down in a storm on Monday night. A loss that is massive from music things to pictures… and how hard is it to see that God has been faithful… but he has been and he will be again.

and for me and my love who are starting deployment two… pray that I am grateful for what is. Pray that he is willing and ready for whatever is asked of him. pray that we grow together in love and in Christ though we will be separated by distance. Pray that we can believe that God has been faithful, He will be again.

and ya’ll, there is so much that I couldn’t say on here, some prayer requests are private and shouldn’t be publicized but if you want to you can pray for them all the same, knowing that we feel the prayers and we are thankful for them.

There are so many times when we can’t feel God’s faithfulness, when we’re in the storm, but we look at past struggles and see the result and we know we know we know that God HAS BEEN faithful. He WILL BE again.
blessings and thankfulness to you all.


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  1. roni ezell

    I Love You

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