close your eyes

not you.


If I close my eyes really really tight and promise myself I wont squint to peak through my lashes, we are in Italy together — the Lance Corporal and I — and we are walking the streets hand in hand. I’m in a sun dress and heels I haven’t got yet and the cobblestone ground keeps me moving around and we are tiny compared to the rest of the world. But for once I don’t mind being microscopic because he and I have our own world there, when I let myself lose reality for a second and I focus in on my dreams.
That’s where I’ll be when no one can find me and he’s off to deploy again. I will explore the world.

I will explore the world.

My second Nephew was born on Saturday. He is sweet as cinnamon and tiny tiny tiny. A little baby boy so beautiful you wouldn’t believe. It looks like I might get to see him soon… and the rest of my family to boot=) Thank God for miracles big and small, and tiny little big miracles like Tucker.



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