I’m just gonna say it.


Firstly he’s been dealing with this “I have a job– oh wait it sucks I’m leaving” thing for about a month now, no complaints, no angry faces, not even any annoyance displayed. I know it can’t be exactly easy for him… I’m pretty sure I’d be annoyed by it. I even am annoyed by myself sometimes, but he shows no signs of weakness.
And then, when HE’s going into a long and probably retarded-ly stressful and overbearing day where he’ll be treated like crap, he sends ME  encouraging scripture.

And he says he loves me all of the time, even when I feel fat, or when I’m too sleepy to even talk to him when he gets home late at night, and when I don’t wear make up, and when there are a lot of faked-up plastic beautiful barbies stretching over our homeland of the OC — he says he’d still choose me every time. He’s a real man through and through and loves me even when I am 100% human-female-horror. (which, lets be real, is only 89% of the time)

He loves me the way the bible told me he would when I read 1 Corinthians 13… Not like the fairy tales… real love.
real love. real life. sometimes my jaw drops… I didn’t think this sort of thing existed.

I have to go, I have a job interview. But sometimes I love him so much my heart overflows a little and I have to tell someone out there.  thanks.




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  1. trustbelievefaithhopelove

    ❤ ❤ <3.
    Rock your interview.
    So happy God has blessed us both with such amazing men. ❤
    Ps. Id pick you too.

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