For the Birds

I have a really amazing friend — she’s a new friend to me probably around 3 months but we’ve only really just begun to hang out. What I like about her is that you don’t have to rate to be her friend, she doesn’t hate, doesn’t judge, doesn’t despair. She is a friend — no matter what. Beyond being a rare find, she is stronger than most people I know, literally she could beat the crap out of anyone… but also she keeps her composure through every.last.harrowing.issue that comes her way, she doesn’t complain and she thanks God in the bad times, and chooses to respect him even when it’s hard. really hard. It normally takes a long time to gain my respect… my affection comes easily but my respect has to be earned. Money doesn’t do it, ability doesn’t do it, and the people you hang with wont sway my decision to respect you — in fact I found very little to respect in my short-term job where my boss who wanted to be everyone’s buddy was making 300,000 a year and bragging about it, biffing about how she hung out with VP’s all the time and how she was going to San Diego to her hotel room where  a waterfall was going to be coming out of the ceiling — She said it to motivate us and it worked for a lot of people in the room… but I don’t want to be her. I want to be more like my friend, who works hard daily for everything she earns, and smiles anyway. Who believes everyone is beautiful and worth a chance, even when no one else would give it to them. Who loves freely, wildly, and recklessly — but only one man. Who would go through anything for that love.

Saturday she started one of the most difficult and life-changing journeys she’ll ever go through. Her version of my Lance Corporal (a Lieutenant) started his 7 month tour to Afghanistan. I am so thankful to know her, because I have been able to talk to her some through the last couple of days… when I watch the way she handles her first few days of the deployment, I am literally in awe. She is smiling and joking and breathing and living in a way that I could not believe. If you were to compare the two of our firsts weeks of deployments, you would understand. Where I was a sobbing mess of uselessness, she went out and got a job, met for coffee, organized a new home, and found a way to soothe my “bad” day. I want to be the one to tell her to hang on, that she’s going to make it… but I don’t have to… the girl has got this in the bag. Its rare you see a woman love a man as much as she does — more rare to see one so strong who can handle the load given to her with a smile that looks less like a grin-and-bear-it.


I’m going to call her an Albatross.  The Albatross is my favorite bird of all time, because it is mighty. Its wingspan is around 11 feet, it flies gracefully and almost effortlessly for great distances. When it mates — it mates for life, even though the albatross will see it’s partner only rarely. Each set of “mates” has their own language unique to the couple… they spend years finding the perfect mate before they commit — but when they commit, it’s forever.
The Albatross is also considered a lucky bird in some cultures — If you knew my friend, you would know why that applies.

I want to be someone who tells her this, so I’ll write it here for her to find it again whenever things look bleak:  In the end, it will be ok. You wont be totally ok today, or tomorrow, or even for months. It’s going to be alright, but you’re not going to believe those words for a long time. And when life is bad enough and His absence is only the icing on the cake… just know that you will breathe again, your lungs wont be able to help it and your life wont be able to hold you under for long. And I’ll be here to talk to — I know I’m not there but I have been before, I’m the proof there is another end to this very lengthy tunnel.

oh, and I love you pretty one.




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  1. even though youre a jerk for makign me cry.

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