Not too bad for a Wednesday

Today I conquered a goal I have been thinking impossible for my weak little arms. I did a chin up. In fact… since the first one, I’ve done three! Sure I kipped a little with my legs going up, but my chin rose over the bar and I feel fantastic!

Also today, I turned down a job as a blogger, marketer, and a sales person. It isn’t as though I hate the company, or even think they wouldn’t be worth some trouble. Its only I didn’t feel like they were totally committed, and it showed in their communication. Luckily, I have a few other offers and an awesome professional looking resume to boost my spirits. I wish that company the best, they are fast growing and fast paced and I know they will find someone who will be more flexible to suit their needs.

In other news today, I paid all of the bills (as it is the first day of February) and I had a major panic attack at our gas bill, which has seemed to be doubling in cost every single month. I called the company out raged at my now several-hundred-dollar bill, to which the kind representative replied in a tentative voice “I know that because you’re seeing the negative sign in front of each of those numbers you feel like you’re in debt… but actually, we owe you $xxx and you’ve just been paying your credited amount since last June, which is why it’s been doubling… now then, shall we send that to you in a check… or would you like for us to keep it?” I am far too excited to be embarrased. I’ve been saving a ton of money and haven’t even known it. It feels like free money now and I can’t wait to conspire with my amazing husband on what we are going to do with our new-found treasure. (probably save it… because we’re big kids who want to live in Scotland someday… but thats a cool thing too!)

So over all, I feel phenomenal today, my house is tidy. My sweet husband has come home every single night this week, even though he knew he would get very few hours of sleep. He traded hours of sleep (which are more dear than any currency when you are in Sniper School) to be with me at night. Please tell me your heart doesn’t melt a little at that — mine does — I can’t believe my luck with this man.

I think I get to see my friend’s new baby today… and that is the biggest blessing of this whole week, he is beautiful.

So from peace I write to you, and in peace I hope this finds you,




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2 responses to “Not too bad for a Wednesday

  1. trustbelievefaithhopelove

    This girl needs a text message!
    So happy for you, and thanks for blogging my lovely.

  2. Congrats on all of the above (chin up, tidy house and husband with you!). Such a fun surprise to have money instead of debt:-)

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