Couple Lovin’

I think with some time every single couple figures out tiny things about themselves as a unit which you never expected to realize or acknowledge,

The Lance Corporal and I, we’re nose-pickers. I’m entirely unsure on whether or not this is a unique understanding that only the two of us realize. But I do know that it is a fact. He and I have no problem with solving the itchy, uncomfortable guests which dwell in our face -caves and we do it in front of each other without lament. Had you told me a year ago that this would be a trait of our found comfort in the companionship which we are now so lucky to share, I would have laughed and said that i would be more proper in front of my husband. However, while I am still proper about most things (HELLO! I’m in the bathroom you are not allowed within the area… you need to remember that I am a lady and never do anything but read in here!) the nose picking is a comfortable middle ground which I accept and take part in and laugh at silently in my own little world.


on another note, we celebrated christmas with my family today and it was wonderful! we had all of the christmas favorites, my mom even made me the cinnamon rolls I have been hinting at since i moved and they were even better than I remembered, which is saying something, since I remember them as divinity (in the words of Amy March) and no less. My brother and his amazing wife Jen came, it feels like ages since I’ve seen their faces and just being able to hug them would have been Christmas enough for me. The Samantha, Ryan and their two precious children came, Noah (my nephew) remembered my name! and Zoe has become so grown up…  I could hardly believe my eyes. She is so smart, really, they both are. I could rave for days on the little ones. Rush (Ruthie’s Boyfriend) was here and Ruthie, Hope and Molls balls and life was wonderful. It was just as if it were Christmas morning. Daddy lit a fire tonight and it rained a monsoon. The day was wonderful. Did I mention that the man who wasn’t able to be at my last christmas was here today? (probably i did earlier) but the Husband was here, which made the day whole and real and wonderful. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family, near and far, to have for the holidays and to love for always.


merry christmas to you all


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