There Will Come a Time, You’ll See.

There was a starting line which I crossed without knowing I’d done so.
It was when the first flowers came in January, on the 25th 2009. A small batch of mums and dark yellow winter flowers with a note which I’ve kept in a box somewhere. I know that it said “I love you” and in my tiniest of hearts I whispered “I love you too.” He called me from his hotel room that night, where he had to stay on his way to Perris Island for the boot camp which would last 3 months. Though I kept the tone friendly, the conversation never lagged… I was terrified of the riot which my tiniest bit of heart was raising. It wasn’t the first time that my heart had stuttered over this little dark spot that I was unwilling to apprehend, and it wouldn’t be the last… but it was that scream that changed a bit and pushed me over the line and onto this road. I was strong until then and I had a plan, and I struggled for that plan throughout those three months… but when they were over and the time to decide was at hand… the tiniest bit of my heart, my heel, had won over… and I was changed forever… set forever, with this amazing man whom I now adore so thoroughly. And isn’t that just a funny thing?

Have I told you all yet, that the Lance Corporal went through an excruciating 3 day testing period back in November and then was accepted into the scout sniper platoon? So he is now training as a sniper, what this entails is extreme and amazing, things that include rolling in sewage and flying, attached to a helicopter by a clip on a rope that connects to his back. He was hard core before, but now I am married to a man who will soon be a HOG (a trained scout sniper) and that is pretty unbelievable. We have a lot of things to be excited about, the Lance Corporal and I. I often have to pinch myself to believe the road we’ve traveled and the place we’ve landed so far, and in the words of Tolkien, “The road goes ever on & on.”

Tomorrow He and I are headed home for the holidays. We are both trying to contain our excitement in that neither of us have packed or are now packing. I am sitting in a towel after a very long shower, and he is playing battlefield. What can we say? Procrastination breeds creativity. However, we really are pumped to be going home. Its been eight months since we’ve seen the family and their hugs, I know, will be a wave of fresh air over our rather busy lives here in California.
I can’t wait to see you all my friends. If I don’t write again before christmas, I do hope yours is merry, mine has no chance of being anything less than wonderful.

truly blessed



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  1. ms sharon

    Each time you write, you reveal a part of your heart. I love that!
    As I sat at Dawson at the start of the Candlelight Service (waiting to listen to one certain violin), who walked in a sat behind me?? Dave and Gladys! I was amazed once again at God as he winked… that huge sanctuary…He managed to give them a reserved seat right behind me in the balcony to the right….Needless to say, Bex was thrilled also as we exchanged hugs and briefly reconnected in our lives. I have a feeling the “reconnections” will continue for many many years! Praying safe travel for you and your hero. Merry Christmas, dear one!!

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