Time can be Funny

My mom asked what we want for christmas. Thinking of years past, I can name what I wanted the most to be purchased for me: a perfect godiva chocolate bar at 16, a red pea coat when I was 17, at 18, winter clothes, 19, an x-box 360 (bane of my existence), at 20 I just wanted my husband to come home and a ukulele to float away the bad dreams. Here at 21, from my mom, I want her hot baked cinnamon rolls, a date to starbucks (don’t tell limelight), and a hug. From my dad, I want a cd filled with our bedtime songs and some time to weed the garden together. From my big brother I want one of his bear hugs and a conversation that always blows me away. From my samantha, I want a baking date to bake our secret cake that no one can know about. From my ruthie I want a driving trip that takes hours or a late night discussion on her bed about life; my hopie, a 3 am kitchen talk as i head off to work and she heads off to bed, and from my baby mollie I want a night filled with her music that keeps me awake, annoyingly loud, and long, and repetitive until she levels it perfectly.

once upon a time, time gave me a lot of itself to fill with moments with the people I grew up with.
and at this day and age, I can’t catch a single one.

In fact. It’s Saturday and the Marine Corps called my man into work 3 hours ago. I have no assurence on when he’ll be home today… but time couldn’t even give me the one that I want more than anyone on a weekend. He’s been in the field all week long, I haven’t even had time with the only one out here since monday. I miss home, both in california and in alabama. because home is people and I miss it.

it’s just lucy and i pumping it out today… oh and glee, because they have swiftly become my bffs.

It’s funny, I have a thousand happy days, but I never have time to write on those, so those of you reading get to read some weird ones. Don’t be worried, I’m overall overjoyed out here, with the most amazing husband in the world. I am a lucky lucky girl to be able to have him to come home to (most weeks) and to have his love, his kindness, and his smile as mine all mine. in fact, just writing that put a lot of sunshine back into my heart. I hope home comes to the apartment soon.

I know it’s only family who reads this. I miss you more than I can say. I love you ’til the end.





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2 responses to “Time can be Funny

  1. samantha

    don’t you hate it when you try to leave a comment and then it erases it! boo! anyway, i am totally up for a cooking date-when will you be here? i’ll mark my calendar if you can carve out a few hours for me. ps the tacky sweater christmas party (or is it tacky christmas sweater party???) is totally becoming an annual thing. i hope you’ll be home in time for it this year!

  2. Lies. I read too =) I love when you write – I have no time to write myself, so I live vicariously through the writings of others. Miss you too much to say.

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