Reason #1

I have decided to list little qualities of the Lance Corporal that I just love in no particular order and as they appear in my day to day life.


Reason #1 I love him today:
He’s a sucker for kids and fundraising.
two little boys came to our front door today, rang the doorbell and asked for $20 for a fundraiser and I’m pretty sure I heard the words “save the whales” and I hear my big grumpy softy say quickly “yeah yeah I’ll get it.. hold on just one minute” and came in asking if we had the cash… luckily, all of my tips from the coffee shop come in cash so we had just enough.
He walked in and looked at me with a massive smile
“You’re right,” he said “I am a sucker for kids.”

and he didn’t believe me after I bought those boy scout popcorn bags the other week… I only came home with one. but I firmly believe

he would have had five.

gosh I just love him.


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