it is a really beautiful day in southern california.

and i got off work late because i was having so much fun hanging out with my friend gigi, who also works at my cute little, sun filled, coffee shop on the corner of Portola and Bake. It is cool and breezy and jUST  the kind of day you’d like to take your niece and nephew to the playground, or pretend you are six and go with your mommy to get a scone somewhere cozy and breathe in the beginning of autumn.

tonight, we are going over to some friend’s house (married friends?! crazy) and hanging out, and that is fun. it’s in san clemente, a town right on the beach and i can’t wait to breathe in the beach night air. there is something so… mystical, about living close to a beach, when you’ve never lived near one before. it’s like this hollow mystery when the afternoon fades, and knowing that you live almost at the edge of the world as you know it. i know that if i swim far enough, long enough, strong enough, i would one day just stumble upon the japan and then to china, (where, i’ll have you know, it is illegal to play internet video games, so they are always dark on the “who in the world is playing C.O.D.” map — which is intriguing). in my time here, there have already been surfers just lost at sea, never to be seen or heard from again. that other world, where there are secrets even our most brilliant scientists haven’t found —  and the surfers… they just disappeared into it.
the people who live here, and have for so long, it’s just the ordinary. that ocean where they learned to swim, and then to surf, and then to save the people who fail at swimming and surfing. it isn’t scary, the mist doesn’t hold them … not the ones i know anyway. it doesn’t, because it is ordinary, and they have lives, big lives that could lead to fame and fortune out here. but i can’t lose the since that i am often being followed by the chilled mist which the ocean sends out over all of the county early in the morning, before it’s even dawn, when only the coffee-shop-girls are awake. i know it, and the ocean knows it, even if the rest of the world are sleeping and dreaming their plastic glittery dreams, in their favorite ‘save the whales’ t-shirts.
it is there, and i feel it there, quite and whooshing and mystical. only 20 minutes from my bedroom.

i really think i love that part
of living in this world.



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