I just wanted to take note

Today I hold an awed reverence for the girl in me who was alive this day last year.
i know that her strength wasn’t her own, because had it been — i couldn’t be here today.
i don’t know if you’ve ever felt the wind turn you from a solid into dust… but that is where i was. and yet a solid being i stand.
God has been faithful.

Today a year ago… right now even, I was the newlywed who had just been left for a daunting seven months. I couldn’t breathe, or eat, but I crashed at 9pm and  I slept the sleep of a girl tuning into her phone for the first night. The days didn’t ever get easier, not for those months… but there was no day like the first, nor was there a month that followed like the one where i learned to live the life of a military wife.
today a year ago i was still a scared child standing at the entrance of a long and dark path, and i couldn’t tell you that i am more of a person, or even better for that walk.
what i can say is that — a year later — i and my husband are survivors.
we survived.
neither of us came out unmarked or unchanged. but we are here, and together, and though we don’t celebrate this day out loud to each other… it is one i didn’t have the strength to believe would come… and i am grateful, so humbly grateful, that it has. a year has passed… and we are here.

the last part i say for you, i am proof that our savior is faithful, my words are sure that for you He will be faithful, for now, and for always.

so grateful



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2 responses to “I just wanted to take note

  1. What a strong and beautiful post. Thank you for sharing the hard, broken parts of life. It sings hope to my heart that God is faithful.

  2. Hallelujah! You have survived! And you will survive… 🙂

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