Birth Control

And other things that make me feel like I might die someday soon

the fact that fat free cottage cheese has become a norm for my dessert.
the fact that becoming a vegetarian seems like the best way to progress and make a change.
the fact that becoming a vegetarian has upped my pooping capabilities 78%.
the fact that i am not precisely sure when i will see all of my family again.
the fact that i can’t change that.
that frozen yogurt isn’t actually a healthier choice… just a fat free one.
that i am terrible at video games.
that it has been a year and a half and i’m still not in a classroom learning something life-changing.
and it’s a little saddening that i miss school so much.
that military healthcare pretends to cover a lot more than it actually does.
that i had to go to the doctor 3 times to find that out.
that civilian doctors forget you exist and so forget to call for 4 weeks, about appointments that should have taken 15 minutes.
that i don’t live near enough to my mom to have her cinnamon rolls with pecans this fall, when the leaves change.
that its sunny here.
and people wear cheetah print wedge booties with tiny shorts… on a cold day… after the age of 50.
the fact that the letters C & O & D exist together in a stupid video game.

i didn’t expect to miss the snow.
and i didn’t think i liked those days as much as i did looking back.
i have been blessed richly.

why it’s ok:
BC pudginess doesn’t result in an infant, so i guess if i’m choosing one, pudgy sans child is better than pudgy with child at this time of life.
my husband is so sweet (even when c.o.d. does exist)
i might only have 5 friends out here, but they are good ones and i can count on them.
i have a job that puts me in contact with bunches of sweet people every single day, we’re going to church with some of them this sunday.

Because, God has been faithful, he will be again.

resenating with me today is this quote:
“happiness isn’t having what you want… it’s wanting what you have.”
so everything on this list is actually irrelevant. Because i have an amazing family, as far from me as they are. i have a husband, who loves me, who came home safe (when my friend’s men didn’t) i have healthcare, and my face is loving the vitamin D, the amount of plastic implants i see often (while looking awesome) remind me of how purely beautiful natural is. i can still wear calicos, pigtales, and an honest smile. God is good. He is good to me.

I am Jesus’ little lamb




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3 responses to “Birth Control

  1. wait frozen yogurt isn’t healthier?! 😉

  2. alyxluck

    try vegan.
    just for a day.

    • whenever the LC is in the field, I go vegan the whole time… and raw when possible. it’s my preferred food habit, but it doesn’t fly with the man by my side. so most week day meals go breakfast, vegan. lunch, vegan. snack, vegan. dinner, family friendly — skip the meat 4-5/ 7 days.

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