Let’s not be hasty.

Hello world!

So I’m taking some time to give you all an update, I’m sorry it’s been so long.

Life is beautiful out here on the edge of the United States. The sun is hot, the breezes are cool, my tan is coming in nicely. I’ve taken a job at a local coffee shop as a morning time barista and bagel toaster which suits me just fine as it keeps my mornings occupied and it makes me feel as though I’m more than useless. So yay for jobs.

Here lately I’m seeing more sunshine in my life, not the physical kind that is so constant out here, but the silent kind that never burns your skin or leaves you blinded when you look straight at it. These days I am beginning to feel home again… I’ll be frank with you, dear one, it has been a long long time since I have felt at home anywhere. Do you know what the feeling of home feels like… more importantly, do you know what the absence of that feeling is like? I’ll tell you that it is a terrible thing to have taken from you, the feeling of consistency, even to a sparrow whom has flown ever since it learned of it’s wings. But I am rambling, for I am home, finally landed for a while, not even my mind is looking to the sky wondering where the next wind is blowing. I have left the currents of the air for my nest which has been planted and I am so thoroughly comfortable in it that I think I may just fluff out my feathers and not bother with the changing seasons for a time.

Now then. I want to tell you about the single sweetest thing that has happened to me here lately. The Fourth of July. Seriously, you guys, it is probably one of those — top 100 days of my life list– qualifiers and there really wasn’t even that much to it.
I had to go in to work at 5:30 on Monday, July fourth, we were supposed to be very busy but my boss was failed by her loyal customers and we were nearly silent as the grave. However, we were laughing and having an excellent time with what wanderers did stray into our little local coffee shop and joy really only seeks the few on bright early mornings when the majority of the world is having a day off and so, sleeping. The sunrise was lovely and I was getting little God-sent kisses all morning long. The biggest of which was that my boss turned to me at 9:00 and said “go home to your husband, we are quiet and he is off today” so off I went. I wanted to surprise(ish) him with a chick-fil-a  chicken biscuit, but alas, they weren’t serving breakfast. I sent him a text telling him of my woe and I got a short response in reply “that’s fine” he said. Then, five minutes later, when I was JUUUST about to be home, I get another text from him “would you mind stopping for some milk?” I responded in the negative and turned to stop in at the grocery store. I have to meekly inform you, reader, that I was not at all in a sweet state at this moment in time, you see, I’d been complaining about the grocery store all weekend. I had been ranting about how the holiday mob were really getting under my skin when I went there and how I didn’t want to go back until the holiday was over. But off I went anyway. The next text I got, as I was about to check out, was this: “if you get some sausage, I might make biscuits tonight.” I was sold immediately… one of those things most people don’t know about my already exceptional husband is that he is the king of biscuit making and I refuse to ever even consider making them… because I never could do them like he does, if he ever offers you one, take it. Those things are worth their weight in gold. Anyway, I finally got out of the crazy grocery store and got home. I stomped up the stairs with my loot and into our little apartment and I looked for the Lance Corporal in his normal place, but to no avail, I turned my head and there he was, standing in the kitchen, spatula in hand. “what are you doing?!” I asked “making you breakfast” he responded, I came around the corner, heart in a puddle somewhere near my feet… he was serious. The biscuits were baking, the pancakes were browning and the sausage pan was just waiting for it’s occupant to get out of my grocery bag.
Sweetest thing ever and ever. I’m so crazy lucky.

THEN! He taught me to play call of duty for an hour and a half. THEN we went into the foothills of the mountains of southern california. we climbed four mountains — two over a mile high– from be bottoms up and then back down again. The Lance Corporal is prepping for a military thing so he carried 70+ pounds on his back the whole way… I carried 5 (ish) on mine. We spent 4 hours in the mountains, tromping along, talking about nothing and everything and being quiet on the way up. By the end of our trek we were both exhausted. We came home and showered, and I rolled out pizza dough I’d made the night before and we had home made pizza, we watched a bruce willis western-style movie and at 9, we watched the fireworks from our balcony. at 10 we revved up the old xbox360 and we played call of duty on xbox live until 12, my first time ever, high kill for me? 6 people. I’m getting better though.

the day was beautiful, I am so loved, I am so in love.

Peace my friends,



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2 responses to “Let’s not be hasty.

  1. LadyBug, you are home. And, home becomes you. You are lit from within and you cast a beautiful glow over everything you touch, do, or come in contact with. Happiness enhances your beauty.
    Your joy is my own and I praise the Lord for it.
    BTW – I’m Madly in Love with You – And I Miss You Madly –

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