i’ve lost me marbles

twice in two days, who posts this much to a quiet blog site?

Probably people who like to hear themselves talk, or see themselves think. Self-important people who have not much better to do while they wait for their husbands to come home from work. Yep. HOWEVER I will hopefully have secured a new job by next week which will shorten this sweet-yet-lazy lifestyle I’ve been suffering in for the past monthish. So enjoy the double postings while you can, strangers.

In the past couple of weeks I have learned a lot about myself, life, and the pursuit of happiness.
Dwight (the goldfish) and I  are sitting here at the kitchen table in our apartment, which is trying act like it’s a breezy carefree place. The apartment is failing that role, sadly, because no matter how much cream, blue, green, and nature you put into a place, marine corps paraphernalia will always always kill the peaceful, comforting aura of a place… or at least it will to the outside eyes.

Luckily, I’m an insider. Granted, the camo bags and afghani dust that clings onto them isn’t a reminder of the happiest times of my life, they symbolize victory and loss in so many vicinities and I wish for a moment that you could feel the heart inside my chest when I see the desert tan and olive drab articles which have found cozy places to themselves here in our little home. Quiet yet stubborn reminders of the war that still lingers in our minds almost constantly. The war that changed us, and is still being fought at home and on the front lines.
Still, those items have more of a story to tell than just the sad and painful ones. They are here on a floor that was once empty, and they are a beautiful sight for sore eyes. It’s been nearly two months since the Lance Corporal came home and I am still captivated by his gear, his clothes… when he’s away at work I can’t help but smile at the terrible things… because they are here. I would have killed this time a few months ago, to have the drab colors around, reminders that he lives with me, reminding me that he came home to me. Reminding me that I have him now.

He captivates me.
That’s all I want to say really
I’m crazy about him.




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2 responses to “i’ve lost me marbles

  1. I love all of your posts! Thank you so much.

  2. Bette

    You are a wonderful writer. I hope that you will continue to write daily and more……
    I pray that you and the Lance Corporal will have a blessed life together.

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