Thought of the night, how insane would it be if we all actually anticipated good things? Hear me out.

We’re all worried about something; money, friends, disease, loneliness, anger, family, love, the lack there of, our looks, our weight, our kids, our cars… the list is never ever ending… literally, we could all probably write 600 things that we’re worried about just flat out. That worry/doubt creeps into our every (single) day lives, blocking out sunshine — even if it’s only a little bit of that sunshine gone missing. We can hear them in our heads right now.
But what if we fought those hurts with every ounce of our beings, when we are sure that nothing could make the outcomes of our situations good… what if we just believed they would be good anyway? What if we just told ourselves that no matter what — we’d be happy, we’d choose to be happy.

I don’t know for sure if it would work… I really don’t… but I’m going to try over the next couple of days/ weeks/ months… it’s my challenge to myself. Be happy in advance. anticipate good things.

If I’ve decided to be happy — who can knock me over?

I got this thought from a fun little dining table pass around book I got at the new year called “four word self help” by Patti Digh and it is awesome.
The story that went with “be happy in advance” was of an old man whose wife had just passed away and he allowed himself to be placed in a nursing home. On the way to his room, the nurse there discribed his new “home” or rather — the room. “I love it!” he said, she responded confusedly, wondering out loud how he could love it
“But you haven’t seen it yet”
“It doesn’t matter,” he replied “I’ve decided to be happy ahead of time”

If he can be… I can be too.


oh! ps! I got a goldfish today, he’s a chubby guy and he swims in really quick circles when the lance corporal and I put our faces near his bowl.  I set him on top of a mirror on the kitchen table… so if he moves too fast — he scares himself. love it.


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