sudo family

It starts with something simple, a laugh, a hug, the worst deployment in the history of the 9 year war on terror… and then you’re next door neighbors to girls you didn’t even know a year ago. You’ve all three moved from far away, none from the same states. You know within a week of move in that this is your new family. The whole “living right beside and upstairs from each other” thing may have been an accident on your part, but somewhere in God’s audacious humor and wisdom here you are — stuck beside the men who fought beside your husband in Afghanistan, in love with your new sisters whom alone understand exactly where you have come from.

It begins with something simple, but it took a lot of complicated to get you all to this point. We all know beyond a shadow that, like it or not, we are connected forever by ties as strong as blood.
Together we can sit, and eat, and laugh. Together we take in life, three sisters, married to three brothers, neighbors by accident, friends by choices made years ago.
para siempre, semper fi, siempre familia.
for ever, ever faithful, ever family.


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