I suppose it’s Tuesday night.

I am sitting in my gorgeous little living room, on a small white couch eating a white peach. I wondered, as I cut into my peach, if anyone else is ever pleasantly surprised to find a juicy ripe white peach inside of a normal peel, and if they do, do they ever get a little thrill at the unexpected little gift.. as I do? That is a question you are free to answer.

I am sunburned, no really… very sunburned. Honestly, it’s my own doing, I moved to california and for some reason assumed that (as it is at home in Birmingham) if I lay out for an hour I will only barely get touched… even without sunscreen. So, when my dear friend and neighbor (who is also a 3/5 marine’s wife) invited me to our apartment swimming pool for lay out and catch up, I jumped at the opportunity. By Wednesday I’ll be tan.. so it’s all good. Maybe I’ll look like a native then, instead of just another califortified impostor. Until then, it’s me and all of the silk pajamas I own… funny looks in the streets but I don’t understand why we haven’t made the wearing of silk pants and shirts a summertime trend. Linen is the answer, because other people own linen.

I should consider purchasing sunscreen… but I think I’ll invest in a white linen dress, or sheath, or burka, or something, instead.

The Lance Corporal is currently fighting the most epic battle I’ve ever seen, beating a hovering helicopter head on while killing bad guys in asia all while looking for Marco Polo’s lost gem… ok ok, it’s a video game called “Uncharted” the dialog is hilarious though and the battle really is epic. I like to pretend I’m the girl in the video game — she’s hard core and also the S.O. of the guy the Lance corporal is playing.. I’m her… just without a control. He tried to teach me to play a game with him yesterday, bought me a new controller and everything and we spent three hours attempting to beat this one level. When we beat it (finally), we had to leave to go pick up some friends at the airport, and we were going to keep learning later… I must not have been a natural at the game because I haven’t picked up the remote since. That’s why I’m telling you that I am the girl in this game, my hand eye coordination — not so good — so I’m playing her with my MIND. I’m so good at it, he doesn’t even know its me pulling all those sweet moves. Pretty awesome hm?

Post Deployment leave ended today and the Lance Corporal had to go back to work. I built some drawers, laid out, made some brownies for my neighbors, folded laundry, cleaned the house, and planned, prepared, and cooked dinner… tomorrow I’m going to look for a job… this “homemaker” stuff is too hard of work for my unstructured personality.

I hope you’re all happy or on the road to that end,
I wish you well


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  1. Bobi Ezell

    hannah I love you. you’re blogs make me smile! not to mention help me procrastinate in a most fantastic way. thank you! 🙂

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